Price: €85 for 1hour 15 min

What is it?

A deeply hydrating facial designed to impregnate the skin’s own fibres with collagen. Fine lines are smoothed, skin surface is left softened and skin is left hydrated.

What’s the process?

The treatment begins with a cleanse and tone before skin is prepered with a gentle exfoliation. A lymph draining massage using a face cream is then administered before the collagen mask is gently applied to the skin. While the collagen gets to work, hands, arms and feet are given a relaxing massage and after 20 minutes the mask is peeled away. The treatment ends with collagen enriched cream being applied to the face, eyes and lips.

How does it work?

Collagen is a natural moisture retainer that increases hydration, improves skin texture and keeps fine lines at bay. Unfortunately levels of collagen tend to decrease as we get older and skin can lose elasticity. This facial works by helping to boost collagen levels and improve elasticity. Perfect for smoothing out the fine lines and plumping up those wrinkles.

What are the benefits?

Younger, softer and more youthful looking skin! Early on in the treatment a lymph draining massage helps drain excess fluid and improve blood circulation while the collagen mask improves elasticity as it firms and smoothes. The cream also helps improve rates of cell renewal.

How long does it take?

Best give yourself about one hour and 30 minutes for this one.

And the best bit …

Having skin perfectly prepped for a night out on the town! This facial is also known as the pre-party facial. With none of the tell tale redness, there’s no down time and as the results are quite instant you’re free to flaunt your youthful glow wherever the night may take you!

Any downsides?

Although the results are instant, skin does return to it’s pre-facial state after a few days. Therapists advise a course of 5 treatments as well as after care products to improve results in the longer term.